Office 103, 1st Floor, Hayat Fund Building, Queen Rania St., Amman , Jordan


Artikeys team is a diverse network of consultants and industry professionals with a global mindset.

Process Automation

We increase your operational efficiency via best practices of business analyses, process mining and task mining to provide Robotics Automations enabled solutions, we provide sustainable, cost effective Robotics Process Automations that returns value and introduce agility.

Resources and Consultancy

We equip your organization with the right competencies and skilled talents that can fuel your digital transformation and capitalize on the latest technologies. Strength your transformation journey with mission-based consultancy services, outsourcing of dedicated resources and even expert’s direct recruitment.

UI/UX services

Simplify and modernize your digital asset user interface and enhance digital user experience via an experienced hands-on skilled team. We provide green field and existing digital channels revamp and strengthen your digital services with the latest practices and proven value driven design for your user journey.

Data Management Services

Data is an asset, and we give you the key to get advantage of it. By providing Business intelligence, data modeling, data science, machine learning, AI and MLOPS tools and capabilities, you will be able to gain value and have actionable data insights and informed decisions. All this is provided with the right data governance models that we can strengthen your organization with.

Digital Marketing Enablement

We enable your business with Targeted digital campaigns via social media and top-notch messaging channels. You will be able to build and customize your message and enrich it with different content and execute them via robotic process and monitor receptions with targeted customers. You can have your own dedicated robot or buy a ready-designed bundle of outbound campaigns.